The following general rental terms apply to the rental of the vehicle chosen by the customer, who is forced to comply with the following rental terms and in order to show his/her agreement the consumer/driver signs the present document.



The Car Rental Company, Autos Remo S.L., will give you, the driver, the vehicle in proper working conditions and with no apparent defects, equipped with all its pieces and accessories. The driver must take care of the vehicle, keep it in good repair and condition and always drive it in accordance to the Highway Code and road safety rules.



The vehicle must not be driven by anyone other than the signatory of this contract, unless additional drivers are included in the present document and as long as they are older than 22 years and have held a proper and legal driving license for at least 4 years.

It is completely forbidden to use the vehicle under any of the following conditions or for any of the following purposes:

- Pushing or towing another vehicle or any other object.

- Participating in rallies, competitions or trials, official or not.

- Carrying more passengers/goods for hire or reward.

- Driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other type of narcotic substance.

- Carrying more passenger o luggage than that allowed in the technical specification of the vehicle.

- Travelling on road where driving is not allowed, no-paved roads or restricted roads.

- Driving the vehicle out of Spain (With the exception of Gibraltar).

- Letting, renting, selling or mortgaging the vehicle or any of its pieces or accessories.

- Handling any of the vehicles´ elements, either mechanical or not, without a written authorisation of the car rental company Autos Remo S.L.



The driver undertakes to return the vehicle to the Car Rental Company, Autos Remo S.L., at the agreed place, on the date and at the time indicated on the rental agreement. If the driver wishes to keep the vehicle for a longer period than that originally set out in the rental agreement, he must contact the Car Rental Company, Autos Remo S.L. for authorisation. In case that the vehicle is not delivered upon request to the Car Rental Company, Autos Remo S.L., you hereby authorise Car Rental Company, Autos Remo S.L. to enter the vehicle premises if it was found and to do any and all other things necessary to repossess the vehicle, such as reporting the crime due to unauthorized appropriation or theft. All the expenses involved in these acts will be the driver´s responsibility including the days that the car will not be able to be tented out.



The total charges for each rental will be determined according to the price list applicable at the time of rental (rental charges and taxes). In additions the driver accepts to pay any other charges related to the loss of any documents, tools and accessories, or for returning the car with less petrol. Likewise you will be liable for any offence committed during the rental period such as fines or any other judicial expenses related to any breaking of the Highway Code, road traffic laws or any other law.

The driver authorises the Car Rental Company, Autos Remo S.L., to charge to the credit card provided all the expenses due to the before mentioned situations.



The insurance hired by Car Rental Company, Autos Remo S.L., covers the drivers and those authorised drivers included in the present document. It includes civil responsibility against third party, in a limited amount, and unlimited bail and legal assistance.

The responsibility of the driver in reference to the damage caused to the rented vehicle is completely covered in the cases of theft and fire and limited to the amount that is established in the franchise clause included in the back of the present contract as long as it has been hired and paid the corresponding amount.


The insurance does not cover:

- A driver without a legal and updated driving license.

- The theft, loss or damage to property carried in the vehicle, key loss.

- Flat tyres, damages to tyres, wheel rims, steering and chassis that may not be consequence of a regular wear and that may be caused due to a misuse of the rented vehicle.

- The days the vehicles will be immobilised due to reparations.

- Damages in the upholstery, dashboard, seats and carpets that may be caused due to a misuse of the rented vehicle.

- Damages caused in the vehicle because of any of the terms and conditions included in clause 2 of the present contract, and also in cases of lack of skill, serious imprudence or criminal negligence when driving.



In case of accident or a criminal act against the vehicle the driver must:

- Inform immediately the Car Rental Company, Autos Remo S.L. of any incident related to the vehicle rented.

- Inform the authorities if the other part is to blame.

- Obtain all the personal data of the other party involved in the accident, using the form given with the documents of the vehicle. This information must be sent urgently to the Car Rental Company, Autos Remo S.L.

- Not acknowledge or prejudge the responsibility in the fact.

- Not to leave the vehicle without taking appropriate measure to protect it of other damages and in any case wait for the mechanical assistance service.



The driver must inform the Car Rental Company, Autos Remo S.L., of any loss, damages or mechanical breakdowns to the vehicle would become un-roadworthy or unfit for an ordinary and secure use, one must not drive it until the damage or mechanical breakdown has been repaired.



In accordance to the Spanish Data Protection Act Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de Protección de Datos de carácter personal, the Car Rental Company, Autos Remo S.L., informs the driver that the data included in the present document will be transferred to an automatic file in order to inform you of any of our services or offers and the driver consents to be sent the just mentioned information using any means of communication. This consent can be revoked by any of the established means. The driver also has the right to access, update, correct or delete personal data collected by the Car Rental Company, Autos Remo S.L, which can be done either directly in our office or sending a written document to our office address.



If any controversy may arise in the interpretation or use of the present agreement, the competent court where the present document takes place or the competent court of the driver´s hometown may act.

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