1.- Who is authorized to drive the car?

The only persons authorized to drive the vehicle are those who are the principal or additional driver in the rental agreement. If you want to add an extra driver you have to make it known to one of our employees so they can include an additional driver in the car rental agreement. The additional driver or drivers must be in position of a valid driving license.  

Remember that if an incident occurs with an unauthorized person driving the car, the contracted insurance policy will be void.

2.- Can I add an additional driver?

Yes, with a maximum of two additional drivers. This option can be formalized both at the time of the booking of the vehicle, as well as at the time of the vehicle’s delivery. The cost for an additional driver appears during the booking process in the “options” section.

3.- Why do I have an additional charge on my credit card?

Any charge made after returning the vehicle is always notified automatically by email. Some of the reasons may be:

A - Damage to the vehicle not included in the contracted coverage.

B – The need to carry out a special cleaning of the vehicle (odors, vomiting).

C - Driver identification management due to traffic fines.

D - Failure to comply with the fueling system.

E - Damage caused by carelessness inside the vehicle (burns in the upholstery, breakage of the interior mirror ...).

4.- What type of coverage is included in my car rental?

You have a full insurance without excess. 

Not included:

A. - The loss of the car keys.

B. - The replacement of a tire or even the whole wheel for not changing the tire after a puncture.  

5.- Is it possible to reserve a vehicle and return it after office hours?

The collection or return of the vehicle outside office hours will incur an additional cost. The cost for either picking up or returning the car or both can be found when booking the car in the "Summary of rental" section.

Office hours are from 08:30 to 20:30.

6.- What to do in case of a breakdown or an accident?

In order to be fully covered by our insurance, you must report any incident and damage to the vehicle as soon as possible and within a maximum of 24 hours by calling the following number: 0034 952 38 80 58.

Our staff will give you detailed instructions on what to do in case of an accident.

All vehicles are covered with 24-hour roadside assistance. You will be given a road assistance number when you pick up your vehicle.


7.- Do you have any vehicles with an automatic transmission?

Yes, we have automatic vehicles. In the following link you can find vehicles with automatic transmission. Https://www.autosremo.com/flota/.


8.- Where do I pick up my car?

Once you have collected the luggage you go toward the EXIT. Do not follow the indications for CAR RENTAL. Entering the Arrivals Hall you should exit through the first sliding doors on the right. Here you will find a representative of Autos Remo SL with a sign with your name. We will have your rental agreement prepared and all you have to do is check the details, sign the contract and pay. You will receive your vehicle keys immediately.

9.- What extra services / products can I book at Autos Remo?

During the booking process on our website, you'll have access to all the complementary services that we offer (GPS, baby and child seats, additional drivers ...).

10.- Can I choose a specific car model?

We will always try to meet the needs of each client as much as possible, but keep in mind that, in general, we cannot guarantee the availability of a particular model. However, while making your reservation you can leave us a comment in the "Remarks" section of the booking form and your preference will be taken into account.

In any case, remember, we cannot assure you that you will receive the requested car model. 

11.- What is the minimum age to be able to drive a car rented of Autos Remo?

If you are 22 years or older and you have at least 4 years of licensed driving experience, you can rent a car of Autos Remo.

12.- Of how many days consists the maximum rent?

The maximal car rental allowed is for a maximum of 30 days with the possibility of prolongation. After the 30 day period, it is mandatory to return the car to Autos Remo SL, so we can check the condition of the vehicle. Oil etc. At that instance you also will be able to renew the rental contract.

13.- Fuel and refueling.

Autos Remo SL will deliver the vehicle with a certain amount of fuel. At the end of the rental period the car must contain the same amount of fuel as at the beginning. For example ¼ tank return with ¼.

We do not charge fuel or service fees if the cars are returned with the same amount of fuel.

14.- Where can I drive with the rental car?

You can drive in Andalusia and Gibraltar. Driving outside Andalusia, and Spain is subject to a written authorization from Autos Remo S.L. 

In case of a breakdown or an accident will driving outside Andalusia without authorization, the costs of the repair or the tow truck charges to the place of origin will be charged to the customer.

15.- Can I make a reservation at the website to pick up the vehicle the same day?

You need to wait for an e-mail confirming your reservation, depending on availability it may take up to 24/48 hours. There may be reduced availability and you may find there are no available vehicles.

16.- Long term rental.

For a long term rental, please contact us by phone 0034 952388058 or by our email address info@autosremo.com

17.- How to book a car?

There are four simple steps:

• Step 1: place of delivery and return (Málaga Airport). • Step 2: date and time of the pickup and the returning of the car.

• Step 3: Select category, vehicle type and options.

• Step 4: Your data.

18.- Do I need a confirmation from Autos Remo SL to make my reservation valid?

Yes, we need to confirm your reservation. Autos Remo SL will send you an e-mail with the confirmation of your reservation. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24/48 hours, the reservation has not be successful.

19.- What documents are required?

A valid passport or ID card, and a valid driver's license.

20.- Can I pay in cash?

Cash payments are only on request and must be confirmed in writing. The following credit cards are accepted: VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

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